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The Hawks’ Dining Rights Club was originally formed at the same time the Club’s new premises opened in 1993. We have thus been around for over 20 years. Our mission when we were formed was to attract a group of senior business people from the Cambridge area who would share the sporting ethos of the club and, importantly, to help the cash flow. Clearly, the quality of the Club premises and its services would be difficult to sustain purely from the pockets of the Hawks in Residence.

We are proud to have the privilege to use the Club and to share in the world of the elite sportsmen with whom we enjoy very cordial relations. We have successfully contributed both to the running costs of the Club and to The Hawks’ Charitable Trust, which is a charity supporting all sportsmen and women at the University.

Facilities available to members include the opportunity to use the Club as a base in Cambridge, hold meetings, receptions, and to dine both for business and purely social, including family, occasions. We welcome enquiries from those from the senior business community who may be interested in membership.

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