Applications for an Award in 2023/24.

The application form for this year’s Hawks’ and Ospreys Charitable Trust Awards is available below:

Application for Award 2024

The opening date for submitting applications for awards will be 2nd February 2024. The closing date for applications will be 1st March 2024.

However, the Trustees recognise that, for some students, there are significant cash requirements earlier in the academic year. Therefore, we will consider applications during the Michaelmas Term from students who are competing at the highest level. Successful applicants will then be eligible for an interim payment of part of their award to align with their competition cash requirements. The remainder of their award (if any) will be paid at the same time as the Summer Term awards.

Eligibility for an interim award will depend on students who are currently competing or who are genuinely being considered for competition at National or International level, with demonstrable cash requirements that are not covered by other sources of funding.

A condition of the interim award will be that the student is still available for training and competition with their University squad.

Awards to students, undergraduate or graduate of either gender are made on the basis of sporting attainment and financial need. Applications should address the following criteria, which are those that the Trustees will use to judge suitability for an award:

  • Applicants should normally be resident members of, and competing for, the University.
  • Eligible sports should normally be those for which Cambridge Blues or Half-Blues are awarded.
  • Actual level of sporting attainment should be demonstrated by achievement for the University and beyond (for 2023/24, potential may be taken into account).
  • Financial need must be adequately established, but levels of cost should also be taken into account.
  • Excellence in academic or in other extra-curricular areas should weigh in favour of applications.
  • Neither gender nor a wish to spread between sports should influence awards.
  • Applications must be supported by Tutor and Senior Treasurer/Member able to comment on the applicant’s financial circumstances. The most weight is given to those applications that are supported by the applicant’s Tutor. For those applicants seeking an interim award. Trustees may seek verification from the University Sports Department or the National Governing Body

Application forms may be supported by a separate single sheet cover letter expressing in no more than 400 words why you believe that you are suitable for an Award.

Completed applications for 2023/24 must be submitted, no later than 1st March 2024, to:

The Hawks’ and Ospreys Charitable TrustAdministratorHawks’ Club18 Portugal PlaceCambridgeCB5 8AF

or by email to