Donating to the Club

For many years, alumni have supplemented Residents’ subscriptions to help run the Club and the Clubhouse in Cambridge. Historically this has contributed about £25k pa. In May 2020, the Trustees started a quiet campaign to increase this, as the Clubhouse needed investment, and the pandemic threatened core income streams. Currently, (Sept 2022) we are up to £78k pa.

We continue to ask those who have never or have not recently given, to either set up a direct debit or update their donation status. (Select yellow Donate button below)

As a guide, we are asking for £10 a month, or more, if you can. We are targeting a recurring donation fund of £100k pa by the start of the 2022 academic year – please help us reach this goal!

In 2020, working with the Trustees of the Hawks’ and Ospreys Charitable Trust, we identified that the objects of the Trust include the ability to support the Club (as well as giving awards to students or other sports clubs affiliated to the University of Cambridge). Raising donations through the Trust has the added benefit of Gift Aid. If you are a present donor and UK taxpayer, please update your donation below so that we can claim Gift Aid on your donation at no cost to you, if you haven’t done so already.

Please see the letter below from Ian Hodgson, Chairman of the London Dinner Committee, and video from Mike Phillips (President 2018-20) on why you should donate.

Donating to the Trust

The Hawks’ and Ospreys Charitable Trust, enabled by its endowment of £900k, has been granting individual sports Awards to men and women playing Varsity sport and beyond in Cambridge since 1996. Annual awards of £30k are spread across over 200 students and make a significant contribution to sport at Cambridge. Many athletes would not be able to compete at the same level without such awards.

With a bigger endowment, in addition to expanding the current range of support to individuals, the Trustees would wish in the future to:

  • Make occasional much larger individual Awards (where, for example, major international potential can be identified)
  • Support clubs or teams on a general basis
  • Consider supporting the establishment or development of sporting facilities


We note that the Committee and Trustees of the Hawks’ Club, the Directors of The Hawks’ Company Ltd, and Trustees of The Hawks’ and Ospreys Charitable Trust are all volunteers, so no donations go on salaries.

See how your donations help

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